Hiring a Professional

On Sunday, March 21 I read a very nice article by Karl Richardson in the Chicago Tribune.

He said “Designers and architects can save you money by advising on project costs and preventing expensive errors”.

The article gave many examples of the benefit of hiring a professional contractor rather than trying to tackle it yourself.

You tell yourself it will be simple. You are heading to the nearest hardware store and make your selection. Some pretty tiles, couple cans of paint, light fixtures and you have the recipe to begin remodeling your kitchen.

But what happens when the cabinets won’t open fully because the self designed layout didn’t account for their hardware? Or when you can’t plug in the mixer because you forgot to include an electrical outlet on the kitchen island? Perhaps it’s time to call a professional designer, contractor, developer or me.

Architects, designers and remodeling professionals are experts at planning for long- term needs, advising on the latest and best products for the home and navigating the details of construction projects – things many homeowners aren’t equipped to do themselves. Professionals can even save homeowners money by advising on reasonable projects costs, space planning ability or preventing expensive errors.

Hiring a designer doesn’t mean its high-end or luxury projects. In reality, we can save people time and expensive mistakes. In best scenarios, professional design increase resale value and boosts enjoyment during the time a homeowner spends in the property.

Every homeowner has his/her unique needs and budget. I find it very important as a contractor to work in various neighborhoods and gain the experience of each house characteristics and layouts. Working on a Bungalow or other old house will need lots of ideas and find away to utilize every space.

When you remodel your kitchen, bathroom, attic, or basement there are going to be problems that will need to be addressed at the moment. Otherwise, you will end up repairing the problems doubling costs and wasting time.

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