In case you missed our first newsletter….

Sweet Home Improvements First Newsletter!

Welcome to our very first Sweet Home Improvements Newsletter.  We are thrilled to start informing you about new projects, events, tips, deals and many other exciting endeavors.  We are celebrating 10 years in business this year and look forward to continued success.
A word from Lior Bega – I have been excited for the last couple month and love saying it. I’m celebrating 10 years in business. I started in a bad economy and survived the recession and this year we are growing stronger than ever. Therefore, this is my first newsletter to share with you my history, tips for the home, specials to consider by other business and the most important for me is to keep in touch with you.

I am proud to say that I have personal relationships with many of my clients but many of my past clients don’t know about all of the new services that we do.

When I opened my doors I didn’t have a business plan and didn’t think much where it will go. I advertized that I do everything even landscaping setup. I borrowed tools from my father (tool and die maker by trade) and purchased my own tools as jobs came in. (he didn’t get all of his tools back). My only rule of thumb was that I wouldn’t work as sub-contractor because then I would lose the personal connection. I won’t sell an unnecessary job and I am able to warranty my work, safety before beauty.

Soon enough I realized that no company can do everything in high level. I decided to concentrate on interior remodeling and painting. I don’t promote handyman work, but once you become our client, I try not to say no to you. In recent years, we started to offer high quality cabinets, a variety of countertops, and include exterior work like window, siding and decks. I went through the training course of Wellborn and other companies to increase my knowledge of the products. Baby boomers are getting ready for retirement we studied universal design to help you better move around the house and have easy access to the shower.

Recently, we changed our logo and give it all new look. We felt the hammer represented a handyman and not the full scope of the company. My goal this year is to reconnect with past clients, gain new clients and educate them on how to keep their house in good shape and how to save money on your home bills. I want my client to be able to advertise on my newsletter. If you want to promote your business my page is for you.

I want to bring up the referral program that I have been promoting for some time now; if you refer a client to me I will send you a gift card or a discount on next job. I hope you will enjoy the newsletter and any feedback is welcome. Put a review of us on Angie’s List, Google, or Yelp. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep Your Home Cool

As the temperature rises, so does the cost of cooling your home. The best way to keep your home cool during summer is to use an air conditioner to keep the temperature down, but there are other options that don’t raise your energy bill.
A ceiling fan is a great investment for your home. Fans don’t use a lot of energy and keep the room about 10 degrees cooler.
Installing or having a quality exhaust fan in the bathroom can help to circulate and improve the air quality.
If the attic isn’t already insulated or under-insulated, insulate it now.
Installing window shades, drapes or blinds to reflect the heat away from the house is a good choice in cooling the home. Close the blinds, shades and draperies that face the sun, to keep the sun’s heat out.
Turn off incandescent lights and heat generating appliances.
Plant trees or shrubs to shade the air conditioning units but no block the airflow.
These are just a few simple tips to keeping the home cool and keeping energy cost down in this already hot summer.
Say NO to Home Remodeling Stress- For some people remodeling the home is exciting and for some it ends up being a stressful situation. From selecting materials, paint color and fixtures to then watching your home transform into your dream home. Sweet Home Improvements takes measures to ensure that any project we do is completed to the highest satisfaction.

You might find the thought of having people working in your home anxiety-producing. You may have heard some horror stories of remodeling projects that have gone bad. We understand that this is stressful but we are experts in helping our clients.
Here are some ways that we prevent stress related causes of home remodeling.
Communication: Poor communication is one of the biggest factors that can cause home remodeling related stress. We make sure you know what the remodeling process is going to be like and we take the time to learn what you want and don’t want.
Planning: Poor planning causes projects to go off track. A planned remodeling project eliminates much of the opportunity for problems to occur.
Guidance: We are there for you whether you enjoy the selection and design process or if you would rather have more guidance from us. When you understand and are comforted by knowing you are getting the best advice your stress is reduced.
Trust: Having your home remodeled means spending a fair amount of money and having people in your home, for weeks or months. This can be stressful even when you trust your remodeler and the team. When you work with us you can rest easy knowing that our people are carefully selected and have extensive training.  We respect your home and property because we understand that our reputation depends on the quality of our work and the possibility of future recommendations and even other projects in your home.

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