Paint Trends for 2012

With the economy so uncertain home owners are choosing to improve and optimize their space instead of moving.  The kitchen has become the “hub”  of the home where families gather to eat,meet, work and have a wonderful time.  No longer are rooms divided with walls but, rather creating a large open space is the current practical and worthwhile things to do. There is no longer a need for non-essentials in a space but rather filling the room with simple pieces and using  new textiles, colors, rugs, pillows and accent pieces in place of unnecessary things.  There has been a great global influence on our  fabrics, food, patterns, textures,animal prints within the last year.

For 2011 the color for Interior Design paint that is very trendy is purple. Purple is a very rich and vibrant color. Earthy neutrals like tans and browns provide depth to a space and can also down play a strong color like purple. Some other popular paint colors have been blue, greens, grays and copper. Some greens that have been popular include cabbage and safari green.

For 2012 I believe that the new trend will be a blue/green hue that has some gray in it. Grey offers a rich smokey, yet soft color to a space.  While, blue is excellent with wood tones, grays and white.

Painting an interior wall with a neutral like white, tan, brown or grey is not boring. An easy way to make a room pop is by adding color through the use of fabric, pillows, rugs, accessories, art work or furniture.