The cost of NOT Painting

Renovations that include painting the interior or exterior of your home will result in a remarkable transformation. A fresh coat of paint can change the look and feel of your home and you can check one more item off the to- do list.

With money being tight now a days why is painting a good idea? Quality professional paint jobs deliver unparalleled results and timeless aesthetic appeal that increases the market value, a more polished and put
together property and a staged home. Not painting can lead to the deterioration of the exterior and interior of the home and lackluster curb appeal and diminished property value. For the Interior of a home neutral tones create a warm atmosphere, while brighter hues will result in more vibrant living space. Owners can use different colors to compliment interior furnishings and decor. The longevity, enjoyment impact and results of a high quality paint job are fundamental for a successful interior or exterior paint job. When professional painters apply high quality paint to both the exterior and interior the market value of the property increases. Professional painters can suggest colors, use the latest tools and technologies for smooth, even applications of paint, inform the client about safe painting practices and most importantly provide proper cleanup and sanitation after project completion.

According to statistics homeowners can expect to see a 50 to 100 percent return on investing from interior or exterior painting completed by a professional. Hiring a professional eliminates any hassles involved, when customers try to complete the paint project on their own.  Professional painters are constantly being educated on the latest products.