Top Design Tips and Fixes for the Home.

Top Design Tips and Fixes for the Home

Embrace the budget you have for your remodel creatively.  The budget will be your best friend when it comes to making design decisions.

Top 6 Design Tips

  1. Making over your kitchen by installing a new countertop, faucet and sink can give your kitchen and updated look without breaking the bank and breaking down walls.
  2. Having kitchen islands that are 4 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet long are a must for families that gather in the
  3. Invest in versatile glass accessories for your Kitchen Island, table or dining room. Clear glass does
    match everything.
  4. Bring fashion and personality to your kitchen sink. If you like something durable and stylish try
    Kohler’s Enameled Cast Iron sink.  If you are a serious cook try the Stages sink. There are many accessories that come along with this sink that are a huge bonus.
  5. Keep return investment in mind when remodeling your kitchen and bath. Chrome finishes and painted white cabinetry have and will stand the test of time.
  6. When replacing your bath with a shower enclosure, create a power shower. Multifunction showerheads offer therapeutic benefits and add value to your renovations.

Embrace the renovation process and take before and after pictures of all of your projects.

Top 4 Home Fixes

  1. I f you want to go green on the next design job, a durable cast-iron sink or tub is the way to go. Cast
    iron plumbing fixtures are made with about 80 percent recycled materials and last a very long time.
  2. Always look for a toilet that carries the EPA WaterSense label. This means it will provide maximum
    flushing performance and maximum water savings.
  3. Make that stainless steel kitchen sink look new with these simple tips: Use quality stainless
    cleaner/polish on a soft cloth, make sure to work it in with the grain. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink that can leave stains.
  4. A few dos and don’ts for garbage disposers. Do grind hard food items like peach pits and chicken bones. Don’t grind stringy items like corn husks or celery sticks. Run cold water before and after grinding; never use hot water. To remove strong odors grind up a lemon.